Adult adsorbent briefs : How to Choose right one

Incontinence of urine or stool is one of the problems of elder age group specially in people who are affected by specific diseases or conditions. We have explained the Urinary incontinence earlier ( link to Medchrome Article 1). One solution is the Lifree Adsorbent pants, Japan’s number 1 brand* .

Popularly referred to as Adult adsorbent briefs,  are innovations that allow the incontinent elderly people to stay dry .  One can again become socially active and talk with heads high.  


Adsorbent diapers have enormous soaking power and is proven leak proof, hence ensuring dryness. Built for comfort and lightness, they allow easy consumer experience with easy wearing and undoing. Pant type diaper has elastic that hold the pant like an under-pant. Another type is tape type that is usually chosen for bed ridden patients, Critically ill patients in ICUs and has been widely used by many ICUs even for young patients. It is an innovation that changes  the life style of hundreds and thousands of elderly people suffering from issues of urinary and fetal incontinence. The video here is a piece of  inspiration.

Choosing Right One –

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Pull up pant types are more popular among the mobile and active population. This has set a mark in changing the lifestyle of such population increasing their age of productivity, socialization and a happier life. Keep no stigma, it is not a diaper, it is an Adsorbent pant.

Disclaimer: The views about the product described here are solely in experience of the writer and does not represent view of the Lifree company or this website

Writer- Mr Kumar, Health Article Freelance writer, India

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  1. Nice and Helpful video, really appreciate the work of Unicharm for addressing adult problems. Order a pair for my father


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