Complete Neurological examination video: Best for exam

The Examination of Nervous system is one of the long cases that is kept for exams. All Medical students, PG students and doctors have to be in flow with the proper neurological examination.
Usually time alloted for Complete neurological examination is 20 minutes - maximun 30 minutes. With practice and creating pattern, you will gradually be able to complete examination in time. For this, the steps should not come from the brain but from a spinal level.

The Preferred sequence of examination is
1 Higher Mental Function
2. Cranial Nerves Examination
3.Motor system examination
4. Sensory System examination
5. Cerebellar signs examination
6. Gait
7. Abnormal movements
8.Skull and spine
9. Autonomic nervous system.

Macleoad's Clinical examination videos and book are the best resource available and Hutchington is equally well writtern in the CNS section.
However, we have included a complete neurological examination video and the video is of 22 minute. We belive that if you follow the sequence, you will eventually be able to finish you examination by 20 minutes during exams.

Tips for exam-
1. Use standard book Macleods
2. Keep the sequence at Spinal level via repeated practice
3. Keep practicing at regular intervals before exam
4. Discuss it in groups
5. Keep a timer to ensure a proper timing.
6. Watch friends examine a patient and try to figure the shortcomings and comment.
7. Read probable viva questions.
8. Neurokit

Enjoy some extra resources-

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