Draw to Know it - Branches of Celiac Artery and Blood Supply of Stomach

[starttext]Abdominal aorta extends from aortic opening of diaphragm at the level of lower border of T12 to lower part of body of L4.
Branches of Abdominal Aorta:

Ventral branches (unpaired): supply gut
1. Celiac trunk
2. Superior mesenteric artery
3. Inferior mesenteric artery

Lateral branches (paired): supply viscera derived from intermediate mesoderm
4. Inferior phrenic arteries
5. Middle suprarenal arteries
6. Renal arteries
7. Gonadal arteries

Dorsal branches: supply body wall
8. 4 pairs of lumbar arteries
9. Median sacral artery (unpaired)

Terminal branches: supply pelvis and lower limbs
10. A Pair of Common iliac arteries

Celiac Artery and Its Branches:
- supplies all derivatives of foregut lying in the abdomen
- arises from the ventral part of abdominal aorta at the level of T12-L1


1. Splenic artery:
a. Pancreatic branches
b. 5 to 7 Short gastric branches
c. Left gastroepiploic artery

2. Left gastric artery: ends by anastomosing with right gastric artery
a. 2 to 3 esophageal branches
b. Numerous gastric branches

3. Common hepatic artery:
a. Gastroduodenal artery: Pancreaticoduodenal and Right gastroepiploic arteries
b. Right gastric artery
c. Supraduodenal artery
d. Left hepatic artery
e. Right hepatic artery: gives cystic artery to gall bladder

Blood Supply of Stomach:

  1. Right and Left Gastroepiploic arteries
  2. Right and Left Gastric atrteries
  3. 5 to 7 Short Gastric Arteries



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