Emergency decompression of Tension pneumothorax: Tutorial video

Emergency decompression of a Tension Pneumothorax can be a life saving procedure. Various causes leads to tension pneumothroax, specially in patients with lung disease, in critically ill and ventilated patients and in patients undergoing procedures, tension pneumothrax is likely. It is rapidly a fatal condtion and a dire emergency. All the time, Radiological confirmation might not be possible and clinical signs and symptoms, strong suspicion with examination can let us reach the diagnosis. Decompression of Pneumothorax is a procedure no Medical personal can not know. A simple needle decompression can be worthy enough to save a life. Knowing the right procedure and site of insertion of needle is demonstrated in this video. For the definite treatment, Intercostal drainage insertion should be planned for after this.

Above video demonstrates proper device with one-way valve. For resource limited settings, Underwater seal can be used.

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