How to remember Portal vein anatomy?

Origin: Hepatic Portal Vein is formed by the union of Splenic vein and Superior mesenteric Vein behind the neck of pancreas at L1 vertebral level.

Termination: The portal vein terminates by branching into right branch (entering right lobe of liver) and left branch entering (left lobe of liver).


  1. Splenic vein
  2. Superior mesenteric vein
  3. Cystic vein
  4. Paraumbilical vein
  5. Right and Left gastric vein
  6. Superior pancreaticoduodenal vein

Points to remember:

Tributaries of splenic vein:

  • Veins corresponding to the branches of splenic artery
  • Inferior mesenteric vein

Tributaries of inferior mesenteric vein:

  • Veins corresponding to the branches of inferior mesenteric artery

Tributaries of superior mesenteric vein:

  • Veins corresponding to the branches of superior mesenteric artery
  • Inferior pancreaticoduodenal vein
  • Right gastroepiploic vein

Sites of Portocaval Anastomoses

Portal vein
Systemic vein

Abdominal esophagus
Esophageal tributaries of left gastric vein
Esophageal tributaries of acessory hemiazygos vein

Paraumbilical vein
Superior and Inferior epigastric vein

Anal canal
Superior rectal vein
Middle and Inferior rectal vein

Bare area of liver
Hepatic venules
Phrenic and intercostal veins
Posterior abdominal wall
Twigs of colic vein
Retroperitoneal vein

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