Muscles of Mastication Video

These muscles help mainly in the movement of the mandible and not the maxilla as maxilla is an integral part of the skull and the mandible being the only movable bone in the skull.

Origin: Zygomaticus arch
Insertion: Lateral side of the ramus of the mandible
Function: elevates and retracts the mandible

Origin: Bones of the temporal fascia mainly temporal bone
Insertion: Coronoid process of the mandible
Function: Elevates and retracts the mandible

Medial Pterigyoid
Origin: Deep head attaches to medial surface of the lateral plate of pterigyoid process and superior head attaches to the tuberiosity of maxilla
Insertion: Medial surface of the mandbile near the angle of mandible
Function: Elevates the mandible and assists lateral pterigyoid in protruding lower jaw

Lateral Pterigyoid:
Origin: Upper head originates from the inferior surface of the greater wing of sphenoid and the lower head originates from the lateral surface of the lateral pterigyoid process
Insertion: Capsule of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
Function: Protrudes the lower jaw and when lateral and medial pterigyoid muscles contract together, they move chins to the opposite side facilitating side by side movement during chewing


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